The Modern Masculinity Project
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The Modern Masculinity attempts to redefine healthy masculinity for modern times and offer a safe space for men to practice finding strength in being vulnerable. In each episode, host Brad Pankey converses with other men openly, honestly, and vulnerably about what it means to be a man in modern society. These discussions touch on the impact of traditional masculinity, fatherhood and raising boys, relationships, addiction, women, and much more. Each episode serves as a safe space for men to simply share about life, to practice opening up, and be vulnerable around other men. The hope is to learn how men can be better allies, what in nature and nurture creates a more open and vulnerable man, and how we should define healthy masculinity for men in modern times.

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    13 - "What's Under That Kilt?" w/ Derek Hamilton

    Derek Hamilton opens up about the his lowest moment during a 250 mile footrace, being pursued by his lady, holding other men accountable, his thoughts on being a stay at home dad, and much more!

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    12 - "L'ego My Ego" w/ Myself

    Brad Pankey (@mmprojectpod) goes Han Solo for the first time and opens up about his ego, clinging to his identities, letting go, and the gifts that are waiting beneath the layers of the identity onion that he worked hard to build to satisfy his self importance. Enjoy!

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    11 - "A New Hope" w/ Nicholas Freeland

    Nicholas Freeland (@nickfb__pnw) opens up about following his heart without pressure, his path towards becoming a man, what he thinks being a "real" man means, how much he admires his parents, and much more!

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    9 - "The Unmentionables" w/ Tommy Freeland, Pt. 1

    Tommy Freeland opens up about when he first thought about his masculinity, when he first tried to masculine up in an attempt to fit in, how his parents influenced him as a man, and we talk about growing up as close friends. LONG OPEN: I open up by checking in with myself and share how I am feeling about the refugee crisis on the border.

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    8 - "It All Comes Full Circle" w/ Willie McBride

    Willie McBride (@thewilliemcbride) opens up about his crippling anxiety as a young man, how his mom has influenced his life, shying away from the macho environment of team sports, and much more!

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    7 - "Baby Steps Forward" w/ Jeff Armstrong, PhD

    Jeff Armstrong, PhD opens up about his fears as a father, bubble wrapping kids, what makes him feel like a man, and much more! We also chat about the role of gender identity in sports. BONUS: I open up about Anthony Bourdain and the loneliness of traveling the alone in the outro.

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    6 - "Downstream Affects" w/ Morgan Rich

    Morgan Rich opens up about men engaging in dark conversations with intention, not following the rules, and we discuss the possible downstream affects of the MeToo movement for young men.

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